Why Maryland Child Services?

At Maryland Child Services, Inc. Centers, our program and academic curriculum are founded on our philosophy or nurturing well-rounded, balanced individuals. We integrate age appropriate academic, creative, social and physical activities throughout the day. We recognize that each child is unique, and our program has built in flexibility to address each child’s strengths and weaknesses, as we prepare them for kindergarten.

We daily explore new subjects, work on art and music project, and examine the world about us. We believe pre-school will have a profound effect on the social well-being of the child for years to come. For this reason, we emphasize social activities, such as eating together, collaborating and problem-solving on project in groups, and outdoor play time. Our staff interacts with and engages the children in a wide range of activities.

We recognize that the field of early childhood education is a dynamic, evolving subject and best-practices and new approaches emerge with it.

Our Staff

Consequently, we require our staff to annually attend early childhood education related workshops, conferences, and or complete college course work in order to stay current with new research findings and be able to confidently implement them into the classroom. We know that young children learn best by doing, so we are hands-on in our classroom activities. And finally, it is only through a strong partnership with a child’s family that we can help the child achieve his/her goals, so we further stress the importance of maintaining open and candid communication at all times.

Our Objectives

Has sense of community and belonging

Feels confident in her/himself

Approaches learning new things with excitement and curiosity

Develops social awareness on other’s needs

Values physical activity and good nutrition

Our Facilities